Those Winter Sundays

One of my favorite things in life is stumbling across a piece of writing that lingers in my mind long after I have read it.  I recently read Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden, and I have been silently analyzing it for days.  The poem follows the speaker as he reflects on his childhood growing up with a kind, hard-working father.  He speaks of fond memories regarding his dad, but specifically, he remembers how he always woke up early on Sunday mornings during the winter months to start a fire.  He expresses regret for the indifferent feelings he had towards his father when he was young, which is what I feel makes this poem so relatable – especially for young adults.  It is often later in life that we begin to see the beauty in the little things people do for us.  If you haven’t read this poem already, I encourage you to check it out.  Let this piece of literature serve as a reminder for us to always express our appreciation to those around us.


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