Why Core Classes Aren’t Actually the Literal Worst

It’s the end of the third week of school, and this semester is dragging.  It seems to be hard for everyone to get back into the swing of classes after the holidays.  After doing some complaining about my class load myself, I’m learning to look at the classes I’m being forced to take a little differently.  Students in this stage of college are learning more than the information thought to be unnecessary for their majors – they’re learning life skills.

We all eventually have to endure classes in which we struggle.  Personally, this class is math.  Math has always been my weak spot when it comes to my academic career; no matter how well I think I’m doing in class, when test days roll around, I’m often stumped.  The important thing to remember is that it happens to everyone.  Sometimes the professor’s teaching style may not mesh well with our learning style, other times we just have to push through classes in which we can’t seem to thrive.

I’m here to admit that taking pre-calculus this semester isn’t the literal worst thing that could happen to me.  I have a patient and kind professor who wants her students to succeed – but my favorite thing about her is her attitude.  She fully recognizes that we aren’t all mathematically inclined and I really respect her for it. I have a deep appreciation for people who know that the world doesn’t revolve around their area of expertise.  While math isn’t my favorite subject, I’m learning a lot from her class, even on the days I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything.

Even though I have experienced how just thinking about certain classes can leave students with a sickening feeling, I have to admit that these classes encourage patience and persistence.  Unless you want to withdraw from every other class you enroll in, you learn to take things as they come.  I’m thankful for that practice.

Although I am guilty of often exclaiming that I will never need math, I will need the patience and persistence it’s instilling in me.  If you’re taking a challenging class this semester, I hope that you remind yourself to focus on the upside.  Remember this: you can get through one semester of anything!

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