Three Ways We Accidentally Hurt the Environment

We all like to think that we’re self-aware and informed, but are we really?  It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, but let’s not forget to take care of our home!  Here are a few ways we accidentally cause more harm than good on a regular basis:

  1. Washing vehicles at home

Don’t get me wrong – washing your car at home is a great money-saver, but it’s not doing any good for the environment.  If you choose to wash your car at home, be sure to do so in a grassy area.  When you wash your vehicle on your driveway, you’re allowing all of the used soap to drain into your street; this means that it will eventually enter a storm drain.

  1. Using too many paper cups

I’m guilty of occasionally making too many trips to Starbucks, but I think investing in a few reusable coffee mugs is probably one of the most satisfying ways to help save the planet.  Travel mugs typically keep beverages hot (or cold) for extended periods of time, and some coffee shops even offer drinks at a reduced price if you bring your own mug.

  1. Spitting gum into bushes

Our cute wildlife friends are dying because of this careless act.  Any type of gum is sticky, and little critters are curious.  They tend to either choke on the substance or they’re unable to digest it.  Seeing peoples’ chewed up gum is also gross, so there’s really no excuse for this one.  Please stop being lazy and just go find a trashcan.


Side note: Contrary to popular belief, storm drains are not filtered!  In other words, whatever enters a storm drain will exit directly into a body of water.

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