Prince Charmless

In 2014, the anonymous Middle Eastern artist and activist going by the name of Saint Hoax launched a new campaign encouraging men in abusive relationships to seek help without being embarrassed.  The ad entitled  Prince Charmless clearly targets men who may be too ashamed to admit to being stuck in an abusive relationship; however, this ad has an interesting twist. The copy on the picture is intriguing; using bold font, the artist raises the question, “When did she stop treating you like a hero?”

Hoax displays an impressive use of ethos by using images of some of our favorite Disney princes to get his point across.  The artist uses Hercules in one ad, suggesting to his audience that even the strongest people are not insusceptible to finding themselves in abusive situations. Hoax recognizes and successfully brings attention to the fact that when people think about abusive relationships, the male figure is often painted as the abuser. Seeing Hercules, who is a legendary hero, in such a dreadful relationship encourages the viewers to recognize that becoming trapped in an abusive relationship is not the victim’s fault. The Prince Charmless ad has always impressed me; it is one of the most powerful campaigns I’ve been exposed to when it comes to abusive relationships.  This ad does a fantastic job stressing that, sometimes, even heroes can become trapped in unfortunate situations.



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